DATE : 16-11-25 16:38
Necessity of ESS for Elevating Devices
 글쓴이 : Leekun
조회 : 96  

Expected effects
The effects of power consumption reduction are expected to be 2,565GWh every, by saving regenerated energy that is generated when the elevator goes down. In addition, it is expected to take about 4 years to recoup the investment

Basis of estimation
* Number of elevators in facilities higher than 25 floors:500,000 car/country
* Annual power saving per elevator:5,130kWh/year∙car (assuming 14 hours of daily operation)
* Electric power efficiency:121 KRW/kWh
* Power consumption reduction=500,000 car/country * 5,130kWh/year∙car=2,565GWh
* Reduced electrical bills=2,565GWh * 121 KRW/kWh=310 billion KRW (Estimation applied to Korea only.)